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We Support Car Dealers and Finance Companies
when they need it the most.

CMOR Support is your best choice for dealer support
across multiple software.


Specialized Support 

We specialize in Independant Auto Dealer Software. Currently we are experts in IDMS, QuickBooks and Omnique. We are always adding to our list so bring yours. I bet we can help.


Data Experts 

We have in depth knowledge of the IDMS database and offer custom reports, custom dashboards and queues. Data is data so any system that creates reports we can help get out what you need. 


Experts Only

We aren't reading from a script. You reach an expert on the first try. We know the custom business your in, needs knowledgeable help. We rarely say we can't do something, sometimes we have to go figure it out but we will find an answer, which may be a workaround when needed.

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How It Works 

You can schedule a free discovery call to make sure we are a good fit. Once you know just pick the support level that fits your budget and needs. We provide you access to our helpdesk and we are off resolving your issues and helping you get the most out of your software.

We are happy to schedule monthly calls well ahead of time
and we are at your service from day one.

Select the number of accounts for dealer specific pricing

Why CMOR Support? 

We have spent the past 20 years learning the ins and outs of databases, data analyses, accounting, integrations and programming. We have focused the last 5 years solving problems for dealers within iDMS and QBO as well as providing automation and integration solutions as CMOR Solutions. After doing this in one off style as needed; We now present a single purpose solution just for supporting our dealers. 

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